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Chumash alignments

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(followed by blast maps of seismic acoustic testing)


visual poetry
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Kenneth Patchen (in Kaldron 8)

Visual Poetry: A Brief History of Ancestral Roots and Modern Traditions
above is foundation for my book
A History of Visual Text Art


tip of the knife  

on Seiich Niikuni
 cold front magazine 

Synapse International Anthology
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Synapse International
Synapse International 

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“Chaled Res ARAM: Language-scapes and Their Music,” Chaled Res ARAM Catalogue. Turkey


Do Not Unveil My Colors, A Homeland Sleeps There
by Firyal Al Adhamy and Loay Taha

 Alchemy of Signs
by  Nia Mahdaoui
published in BQ Newsletter (no longer available on web)




seer & realized poets

chumash alignments

Yak Tityu Tityu, Northern Chumash, and the Chumash: A General Overview
long article in 3 montly installments
 Articles 2010-2014

I wrote fifty one marine environmental monthly articles co-authored with Carol Georgi between July 2010 and December 2014.

This was my fourth effort since 1990 to obtain National Marine Sanctuary nominated status for our near and offshore waters. The primary purpose of our articles was educating the public about the international and national significance of several marine environmental features between
Pt Conception (Humqaq) and Santa Rosa Creek, the southern boundary of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Beginning in June, 2012, we decided to oppose acoustic testing for the nearshore fault lines near and under the Diablo Canyon Nuclear Plant. Such testing by acoustic blast-waves causes wide-spread death and destruction to marine life, sometimes lasting years. Carol’s research and contact with a fisherman, who provided invaluable information and documentation, added urgency to the situation. The articles soon the lit the activist-fuse leading to a large successful multi-group effort to end high energy acoustic bombardment of California’s ocean environment. This successful group effort brought additional awareness for ocean protection leading to the successful formal nomination of the Chumash Heritage National  Marine Sanctuary. This has the prospect of protecting 10,000 square  miles of nearshore and offshore marine environments and features. Carol and I each received the Bill Denneen Environmental Award for our work leading to the formal nomination. We could not have reached our goal without the support and efforts of countless others.
51 monthly articles June 2010-December 2014

Maps From Acoustic Testing (Blasting) Articles



 oceano dunes


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