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chewed, part two

1 screen-1 2 screen-2     3 text-ure 4 text-ured 5 g blocks  6 ao 7 09  8 met 9 rco block-1  10 rco block-2 11 rco blocks  12 laying brick-1  13 laying brick-2 14  12 laying brick-3 15 a jar  15 jar jar-1  17 jar jar-2 18 jar jar-3 chewed  works from 100s of photographs of San Luis Obispo's Bubble Gum Alley, 2011.  GUM WORKS     Bubble Gum Alley, a narrow brick walled walkway between two stores, connects a small street surface parking lot to Higuera, a San Luis Obispo one way downtown street. Gum on brick first appeared anonymously in the early 1960’s. After cleanup efforts proved futile, local youth openly stuck chewed works with varying skill on brick surface and in mortar seams. Eventually, from far and near, others came to press gum wads onto brick, in mort

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